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An Academy For Deep Insight & Personal Growth 

A New Paradigm Of Transformation

We Are A Research And Study Institute

We Study Mind And Phenomena & The Dynamics Of Transformation




 • Mindfulness Retreat


 • Stress: Your Best Friend and Worst Enemy


 • Loving Kindness and Personal Power


 • Lucid Dream & Yin Yoga 


 • The Spiritual Millionaire


 • Death and Creativity


 • Mandala (Tibetan Element Absorption) &

   Yin Yoga


 • Deeper Purpose and Goals






An Online Course For Limitless Confidence,

Deep Love and Infinite Abundance

In Just 8 Weeks


• Newest brain research

• Cognitive neuroscience

• Psychology of success

• Science of mind and phenomena

• Ancient wisdom of transformation

• Deep energy methods



• Harmony, Health & Happiness

• Strong Self-Confidence

• Deep Love & Loving Kindness

• Inner Safety & Freedom

• Creativity & Abundance


These areas are interdependent 

supporting each other, 

enhancing your transformation.

What Makes Our Programs 

So Unique?

Most programs work only on one or two levels 

and the change is very superficial

and only temporary – if any at all. 

Our Programs Are  

Designed To Create Changes

On Multiple Levels …

Brain waves and neural pathways

 Limiting beliefs


Subconscious blueprints




Meditation changes the electrical activity of your brain having a deep effect on your brain and creating a difference in the way you feel.

When the brain waves move from a higher frequency to a lower frequency, the brain shows theta waves, associated with a relaxed state of mind giving access to the deeper levels of mind.

Meditation reduces stress and anxiety and increases creativity, productivity and boosts memory.

Find Out What People Are Saying

  • Thank You! You have made a huge impact on my life! My work with you has been super important! I still use your meditations to hold me when I am down.

    Heidi Andersen
    Heidi Andersen Teacher Social Entrepreneur The Author of Mindfulness Meditation
  • Thank you so much! You helped me release my long-time stress and transform my limiting beliefs and negative emotions into a constructive mindset and positive actions. Your courses have given me a strong self-confidence and an ability to face stressful situations.

    Heljä Ora
    Heljä Ora Mindfulness Coach & Trainer MacMentor Ltd
  • I was privileged to attend many workshops with Liisa. They have been deep and transformational, subtle and gentle. I highly recommend everyone to take the MindGenius Manifestation Journey.

    Sigridur Eythorsdottir
    Sigridur Eythorsdottir
  • I’ve attended Liisa’s courses many times in different countries and have always greatly benefited from them.

    Pirkko Donoghue
    Pirkko Donoghue

MindGenius Academy is a new development of workshops, 

courses, retreats, supervision, private consultation and

psychotherapy given since 1999. 


This site is designed to offer profound methods of personal

growth and give a fully immersive experience of

MindGenius transformation. 


We believe that this deep wisdom and these deep life

changing methods should be available for many more

people in an easily accessible way, so that people both with

little experience and with a long history of personal

development can have access to this new life-changing

paradigm of transformation with the amazing combination of

modern research and scientific methods and the richness of

deep ancient wisdom.

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Our Online Courses Click Here: 

MindGenius Academy was founded by

Liisa Vuorinen

Clinical Psychologist

S.T.M. Unity in Duality

Certified psychotherapist

University Of Rochester Medical School New York

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On the deepest level all is one. 

This universe came into existence in the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago when everything was in unity, originating from a single point. 

We all have developed from that point and are deeply interconnected. 

On the deepest level we all are one. 

Helping other people will always come back to you and will eventually help you.


 “We should have a loving-kindness attitude whenever it’s possible. 

It’s always possible.”  (The XIV Dalai Lama)

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Franzeninkatu 12 A 9 00500 Helsinki FINLAND

email: info@mindgeniusacademy.com

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